wooden frame elements

Northern Wood is a producer of custom made prefabricated timber frame houses.
We are focused on producing energy efficient prefabricated wooden frame elements.
Most of the external finishing is done in the course of production.

We produce the following construction elements: ceilings, floors, roof elements, external and internal walls and prefab modules. To make decision-making easier, we have brought out seven projects to choose from. It is possible to order new project from us.

Our types of buildings:
- Single-family homes
- Semi-Detached Houses
- Rowhouses
- Public buildings
- Small prefabricated buildings (eg, market stalls, kiosks, barbecue-, garden houses)
- Summerhouses, saunas, garages
- Agricultural Buildings

The production of elements is made indoors. This ensures quality and energy efficient product. All the materials that are used in the manufacturing process meet the construction requirments and own the related certificates. We are constantly working on new technologies and products to make our homes even more ecological, and energy-efficient. Materials are kept up to date with developments.

Our benefits are the following things:

1. Possibility to produce the house with client’s project.
2. Realization of the project at any time of the year
3. Competitive prices
4. Sustainable production methods
5. Flexible and customer-oriented service